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Frequently asked questions

Please contact us if you cannot find an answer to your question.

Can your team move a piano?

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Yes, we have moved many pianos. However, we only specialize in upright pianos at this time (not grands or baby-grands).

Do you do apartment moves? What if there's no elevator?

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Yes, we do apartment moves. We may have to bring more people to get the job done quickly and safely. Give us a call so we can discuss your specific needs.

I need a part of my move taken to my new home and another portion taken to a storage unit. Do you do this?

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Definitely! We strive for customer satisfaction and if that is what your move needs, then we are more than willing to accommodate.

Does your team handle small(ish) assisted-living/nursing home moves?

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Yes, we understand the unique need for our community here in Williamsburg with a large population in nursing homes (and other similar facilities). We would love to take the stress out of your loved one’s move whether it’s up/down stairs in the same facility, relocating into a new facility, or clearing out of a location.

What does the "STAR" mean?

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STAR is a mnemonic for “Stronger Together Achieving Results”.  This shapes how we execute our moves (focusing on teamwork) and how we view our service to our community (we are all a part of our local team). Give us a call so we can STAR(T) planning your next move!