Are you looking for the best labor-only moving services? Look no further than STAR Movers. Our labor-only moving service gives you the strength and knowledge to manage the heavy lifting involved in your move. Our skilled moving staff helps load and unload goods onto and off trucks, trailers, or storage containers to ensure a quick and easy transition. 

It’s essential to have a seasoned moving crew help with labor-only services for several reasons. First, if large and bulky things are not handled carefully, they might cause accidents and safety threats. Our labor-only movers can move and handle objects securely with the right skills and tools. We also save you time and energy by handling the heavy lifting; you can concentrate on other parts of your move with our labor-only service. 

Let STAR Movers Do The Heavy Lifting For You

Sometimes, all you need to do the heavy lifting is a little bit of muscle, which is where our knowledgeable moving crew comes in. Our committed staff can assist you, whether you do a do-it-yourself move with your trailer or only need help loading and unloading.

If you choose our labor-only service, you may tailor your move to meet your needs. Since every move is different, we want to provide you with the assistance you need to make your move as easy and stress-free as possible.

Dependable, Affordable Moving Help You Deserve

Having trustworthy assistance during a move can be beneficial. Here’s where we get involved. 

The following are some solid reasons for you to think about using us for your packing needs:

  • Professionalism: We are skilled at securely packing and wrapping goods to guarantee their safe arrival at your new location.
  • Time and Efficiency: Hiring us will allow you to focus on other moving-related tasks and save time while we handle the packing.
  • Tailored Solutions: We offer full-service packing services and assistance with packing delicate products.
  • Safety and Protection: You may feel secure knowing that your belongings will be well-protected throughout travel with our expert packing service, which lowers the possibility of breakage or damage.

We're A Full Service Moving Company.

STAR Movers is your premium full-service moving business committed to first-rate moving assistance. We can assist you with relocations both locally and long-distance. 

Residential Moving 

Due to our team’s expertise in residential relocation, your transfer to a new house will go smoothly. We take meticulous care of every step, from loading and packing to transporting and unpacking.

Local Moving 

Are you moving locally? We are the movers you should use for quick and easy local moves. 

Packing Service

With our expert packing service, we can take the stress out of packing. Our skilled packers will ensure that your possessions are packaged securely and safely for transit.

Commercial Moving

Are you moving your company? Our crew will manage your business relocation with the least possible interference with your daily activities.

Piano Moves

Our crew can provide the unique attention and knowledge needed to move a piano. Whether your piano is moving across town or the nation, we’ll ensure it gets there safely.

Long Distance Moves

Are you moving long distances? We’ll handle every aspect of your relocation, guaranteeing a successful and seamless transition.

Gun Safe Moves

Although moving a gun safely can be difficult, our professional movers have the knowledge, tools, and know-how to complete the task quickly and safely. 

We Service These Areas In Virginia

We take great pride in providing our labor-only moving services to various Virginian communities.

Newport News

Newport News is well-known for its colorful locals and historic sites. Your relocation procedure will go more smoothly if you hire our labor-only movers.


Yorktown provides an enchanting setting for your move. Our labor-only services in Yorktown are perfect if you require help loading and unloading a moving truck or container.


Hampton is known for its varied cultural scene and historic maritime past. Our labor-only movers in Hampton assist you in handling the heavy lifting.


Williamsburg is a well-liked destination for families and businesses. Our labor-only services in Williamsburg are ideal for individuals who would instead manage their transportation but want help with the loading and unloading procedures.


Gloucester provides a lovely environment for your relocation. Our Gloucester labor-only movers are adept at safely handling furniture and other possessions.


Toano provides a tranquil haven with convenient access to surrounding facilities. Our labor-only services in Toano give you the power to handle the heavy lifting.