Moving a piano is frequently regarded as one of the most challenging tasks during a transfer because of its heavy weight, fragile parts, and unusual shape. There are many different sizes and styles of pianos, from grand pianos to uprights, and each poses unique difficulties. 

Professional piano movers carry specialized tools and equipment to facilitate piano moving. This contains piano boards, furniture dollies, and solid straps for securely moving, lifting, and repositioning pianos without breaking them. Our piano movers undergo extensive training to acquire the ideal methods for managing pianos securely and effectively. We take great care to prevent damage to pianos while they are transported.

Piano Moving Company You Can Trust

Trust is crucial when it comes to transferring your priceless piano. Pianos are costly investments and instruments that must be handled carefully. Our professional piano movers have the knowledge and experience to guarantee secure and easy transport, from disassembly and packaging to fitting through narrow places and shielding your walls from scratches.

You can be confident that your piano will be treated with the highest care and attention to detail at every stage. Regardless of the distance you’re moving, our dedication to quality guarantees that your piano will arrive undamaged and ready to fill your new home with lovely music.

Dependable, Affordable Piano Movers

Piano moving can be overwhelming if you don’t have the right moving company by your side. 

Let’s cover why you should choose STAR Movers:

  • Professionalism: You can trust that your piano is in good hands with our STAR Movers, who have extensive training and expertise in moving pianos of various shapes and sizes.
  • Specialized Tools: To minimize the chance of damage during the moving process, we use specialized tools and methods to safely and securely carry your piano.
  • Reasonably priced: We ensure customers can afford our excellent service quality by providing transparent and competitive pricing.
  • Maximum Safety: Your piano and other possessions are our top priority, and we take great care throughout loading, packing, and delivery to prevent any possible damage.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Our top priority is guiding everything we do. As a result, you can count on STAR Movers to provide an exceptional moving service that meets all your needs.

We're A Full Service Moving Company.

We at STAR Movers take great pride in being a full-service moving company committed to providing excellent relocation solutions catered to our clients’ needs. 

Residential Moving 

Our residential moving services are designed to handle every part of your relocation. We recognize how important it is for you to settle into your new home without problems.

Local Moving 

Our local moving services ensure a hassle-free moving experience for customers by providing cost, convenience, and reliability.

Packing Service

Our experienced packing service uses premium materials and skilled packaging procedures to protect your items throughout transportation.

Commercial Moving

Our commercial moving services are designed to match your company’s requirements, reducing office downtime.

Long Distance Moves

Regardless of the distance, our long-distance moving services offer all-inclusive solutions to guarantee a seamless and effective transfer.

Gun Safe Moves

Gun safes and other large, heavy objects require specific moving tools and knowledge. Your priceless weapons and equipment will be transported securely and safely thanks to our

We Service These Areas In Virginia

We pride ourselves on providing comprehensive moving services customized to each location’s specific requirements. We serve several Virginian locations.

Newport News

Newport News is a bustling city on the southeast tip of the Virginia Peninsula. Our piano moving services in Newport News guarantee that your priceless instrument is handled carefully.


Yorktown’s scenic shoreline and historic charm make it a well-liked destination for locals and tourists. Our Yorktown piano moving services are made to meet the particular difficulties of moving fragile instruments.


Hampton provides its citizens with an exciting place to live. With years of experience and knowledge behind us, our piano moving services in Hampton guarantee a smooth and stress-free moving process for our clients.


Williamsburg is a popular vacation spot for people looking for old-world charm and contemporary conveniences. Our piano moving services in Williamsburg are carefully carried out to safeguard your instrument during transit.


Gloucester offers a calm environment and a strong sense of community. Our Gloucester piano moving services are performed with accuracy and care.


Toano provides a peaceful haven from the rush of the metropolis. Our Toano piano moving services are customized to each client’s unique requirements.